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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

i WiSH i WaSN'T

How does it feel to be betrayed, fooled, took advantage of, played, lied to by someone you trust so much, by someone you respect so much, by someone you allow yourself to be vulnerable to, by someone who kept you hoping but gave you the biggest let down, by someone who can't be there completely, by someone who means a lot to you, by someone who makes you so happy, by someone you love so much, by someone who means the world to you?

Well it is so painful that I hope that tomorrow never comes so I wouldn't feel the pain, the sadness, the hurt any longer.

I wish I wasn't in love with you, so you couldn't hurt me
it just ain't fair the way you treat me, no you don't deserve me
Wasting my time thinking about you when you ain't never going change
I wish I wasn't in love with you so I wouldn't feel this way

chum chants the magic words at 4:28 PM||

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naku! sabay-sabay na naman ba tayong magbubuntong-hininga?
teka, ba't ba lahat ng dinadalaw ko may sakit yata sa puso? si corbi, ikaw, si shadowlane din kaya?

just put in mind... it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

kung hindi siya talaga para sa iyo, mayroong iba diyan at the right time ...yon na ang tinatawag na kapalaran! pinagdaanan ko na iyan, mahirap, masakit,...part of life.

cheer up!
makiki *sigh* ako....

:) sana'y gumaan na ang pakiramdam mo :)

God bless:)
God allows these trials in our lives not to punish us but to make Us more stronger & be closer to Him. Remember that hindi nya tayo bibigyan ng hindi natin makakaya.
Don't lose faith...
take care & I hope you'll be fine soon.
madugo ang labanan dito ah, hmmmm...


daab-daan lng po...

sometimes, we read people's actions and hear their words in a different way, and we end up expecting a lot from them. and eventually, we end up hurting.

sad, but true. it happens a lot. the best thing maybe is to learn from the experience and try not to do the same thing next time.

cheer up. life is still beautiful. he is just one person. there are a lot more of us out here who love and care for you so much.
haaay...ano ba yan...magsabay-sabay ba? damayan ba ito?hahaha

yah i've been here in this situation before..ahhaha deh na natuto noh? yah i know ill be fine sooner or later...nakakapagod na nga lang..sigh...

maraming salamat

im not going to loose na lang ata natitira sa akin eh...eneweis maraming salamat...i know ill be fine :D thanx!

uy nagbabalik...sige daan lang ng daan....hmm dati nga tambay ka eh :D

haay mama...yah ill be fine..ill love again but i hoe hindi na ako mahurt,,,thanx for being there always..mwah! labyu inay :D
charge mo sa experience sis....

hang on God will bless you humingi ka lang:)
one step forward at a time...then you'll realize when you look back, you have moved on.. the hurt will fade away in time.. have faith. :D
Yes ako rin... na feel ko yan... feeling bang... ginawa ka pa rin tanga... parang wala kang feelings... nakaka gago diba...

sabay-sabay poh tayo magbuntong hininga

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